Transforming companies into high-performing enterprises

At the heart of our success is the performance of our portfolio companies and investments. Our Global Portfolio Operations Group – what we call the “Ops Group” – is dedicated to leading operational improvements at our investments. This capability enables CMcKnight Group to pursue turnaround opportunities that others are unwilling to consider, to bid on companies based on a unique set of operating assumptions, and to improve portfolio company performance through active partnership with management. CMcKnight Group believes its in-house capabilities serve as a point of differentiation in the private equity marketplace.

Key Differentiators of CMcKnight Ops Group:
  • Portfolio involvement throughout the entire investment cycle, beginning in diligence
  • Full integration between the Ops Group and Investment Professionals
  • Depth and breadth of expertise brought forth by a team that includes both Generalists and Specialists
  • Specialized focus on Talent with a global team of dedicated human capital professionals
  • Leveraged Procurement expertise to drive sourcing / back-office synergies for our portfolio companies
  • Time-tested playbook consistently used across sectors, geographies, and cultural contexts
Our People:

The current Ops Group includes professionals worldwide. Our team is comprised of professionals and advisors with diverse industry and geographic experiences who share a few common attributes:

  • Intuitive problem solvers, grounded by a fact-based approach but oriented towards stretch goals
  • Creative professionals able to adapt a foundational set of skills to unique situations
  • Individuals who derive energy from driving and motivating change and have a transformative mindset – in everything they do

Global Portfolio Operations Group

Ops Group professionals collaborate with CMcKnight Group’s deal professionals during the due diligence process and with portfolio company management teams post-investment to drive transformation efforts. Seasoned individuals with proven turnaround skills from a range of industries and functions comprise this team. Typically, Ops Group members have a blend of management consulting and general management experience. An Ops Group professional spends the majority of his/her time as a change agent identifying and executing strategic and operational initiatives across the CMcKnight Group portfolio. The members of our team are often on the ground multiple days per week influencing, supporting, and driving change during the toughest phases of operational and commercial transformations.

The ideal candidate for the Ops Group has at least five years of top-tier consulting experience in addition to experience in a significant functional operating role or a position with direct line management responsibility; extensive first-hand knowledge of one or more of CMcKnight Groups industry sectors; demonstrated transformational skills; and a global background, having worked for or with companies of scale that have international footprints and complex operations similar to those in the CMcKnight Groups portfolio.

Field Operations Advisors Group

The Field Operations Advisors Group leads improvement efforts for CMcKnight Group portfolio companies in the areas of growth, sales and marketing effectiveness, pricing, digital strategies, lean production systems, supply chain, quality, information systems, and human capital management. These executives have deep, on-the-ground experience driving rapid change across organizations and in specific functional areas. They design and direct major programs to increase growth, profitability and efficiency.

CMcKnight Group Portfolio Company Executive
We invest across a number of industries and geographies. What unifies our diverse investments is our goal: to build unparalleled management teams that create value benefiting all stakeholders. The select C-level executives we place – from chief executive officers to chief finance officers to chief people officers and other critical roles within our portfolio – have worked in complex, global environments with companies of significant size and scale.